More about Moon Rock & Dust

Now anyone can own a piece of the Moon!

Every culture on our Planet has legends and lore about the Moon.  NASA’s Apollo missions brought back 841.6 pounds of Moon Rock, but all of those are considered U.S. Government property and are indeed National Treasures. But the many craters on the Moon’s surface show where countless asteroids have blasted out craters many of which have ejected Moon Rock into space, and some of it lands here on Earth as meteorites.

How do we know these are really from the Moon?

Scientist have determined that at least 111 known meteorites to science originated on the Moon. The composition of these few meteorites match up with the Moon Rocks brought back by the Apollo Astronauts. For more information about Lunar Meteorites and how scientists know they were blasted off the Moon visit this website edited by Dr. Randy Korotev from Washington University in St. Louis here:

About our Moon Rocks:

image5 (1)

The Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society first approved the classification of a piece of what they named NWA 10203 in 2015 as a piece of the Moon.
The moniker “NWA” stands for Northwest Africa which encompasses meteorites found throughout the Sahara Desert. The “10203” indicates it was the 10,203rd meteorite officially classified from the “NWA” region.
In 2015, Steve Arnold, world famous meteorite hunter and host of the award winning TV Series, Meteorite Men, purchased a piece of the NWA 10203 meteorite.
We offer three Moon products:  Large Moon Fragments, Small Moon Fragments and Moon Dust. Each specimen contains an ID card / Certificate of Authenticity signed by Steve Arnold in or on the protective case to ensure provenance and legitimacy.
image4 (1)
image3 (1)
image2 (1)
About our Moon Dust:
When cutting Moon Meteorites saw dust is produced.  We carefully harvest this dust and place small dabs of it under clear tape onto beautifully made full color ID cards. These cards are signed by Steve Arnold to ensure provenance and legitimacy. Some Moon Dust products will be filled using dust from cutting of Lunar Meteorite NWA 10258 or NWA 10203 as their labels indicate.
For more information about Meteorites from the Moon visit this website edited by Dr. Randy Korotev from Washington University in St. Louis here:

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