“How do I know these are real?”

Scientists have verified the origins of these specimens in laboratory testing. Steve Arnold, host of the hit TV Series Meteorite Men, certifies that their authenticity and he individually signs each specimen’s COA.
For more information about Moon Meteorites click here: http://meteorites.wustl.edu/lunar/
For more information about Mars Meteorites click here http://www.imca.cc/mars/martian-meteorites.htm
What determines the price of a meteorite?
Short Answer: Supply and Demand
Long Answer:  On the Supply side it comes down to how much is available from various sources.  For example if only a 100g meteorite fell, and half of it is locked up in museums, then there is only 50g available for collectors to fight over.  If 100 stones weighing 100kg are recovered and are being sold by 10 different resellers, the competition and abundance will tend to make the specimens worth less.
On the demand side everything from the type, size, how pretty it is, where it is from, does it have a cool story to uniqueness in other areas affects the value.
Where can I see Meteorite Men TV episodes?
In the US the series first ran and reran mostly on Science Channel and a few times on Discovery Channel.  Internationally it has ran and continues to run on many different networks.
Amazon Instant Download (link) provides the episodes in High Definition.
Are new episodes of Meteorite Men going to air?
After 3 seasons and 23 episodes Meteorite Men is no longer in production, and there are no plans for more episodes.  However, Geoff and Steve are working on a new project called “Meteorite Hunters Unlimited” and more details will be announced as it progresses.

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