Genuine Moon Rock and Mars Rock

When asteroids blast craters on the Moon or Mars they can eject rocks off the surface and into space. Some of those fragments land on Earth as Meteorites. Science has now identified 111 Lunar meteorites and 86 Martian meteorites.

image2 (2)image1 (5)image1 (7)

These specimens are very scarce and exceedingly rare compared to the amount of Gold, Silver, diamonds, rubies and other precious metals and gems known to man. Scientists are very interested in researching these precious rocks, but some are large enough that we are able to provide a limited quantity to resellers in the collectible market.

You can own an affordable, genuine, lab tested meteorite slice coming from the Moon or Mars!  Each specimen is beautifully presented in its own display box with an ID card / Certificate of Authenticity signed by Steve Arnold, world famous Meteorite Hunter and TV Host of the award winning TV series “Meteorite Men.”

image1 (3)The specimens are securely packaged in “slabs” which are similar to the containers rare coins are preserved in. Beautiful and easy to display, all the information needed is contained in the packaging.
We offer three sizes: Dust, Small Fragments and Large Fragments.

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To find out more about Steve Arnold click here

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